Saturday, 6 February 2016

Toast of London - Brief Reprise

Snatched from rare footage Tweeted by the Berry man himself, here's a last transitory fragment from my stint in Toastworld last summer, as he and The Maypoles performed the show's theme live over the end-credits back on December 9th twenty fifteen.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Prism? - 'bio auto graphic' edition Number 28 starts here

Begin at the beginning.
With a jaunt north next month to the Leeds International Contemporary Artists Book Fair 2016, it is time to set the nib to paper again. Dig up ideas and hold to the light of this erratic February.

Last time - in 'bio auto graphic' Number 27 I asked what 'A' is for. . .
This time, I wonder. . . what will it B?

Monday, 25 January 2016

Morse 'CODA' - 'Endeavour' Series 3 Finale

"We hold the line! If you cross it now then there's no way back."

A note to mark the close of the latest atmospheric series featuring young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse, as given breath by the splendid Shaun Evans.
After possibly the longest cliffhanger in TV and film since Star Wars fans awaited 'The Empire Strikes Back', in this third quartet of stories creator Russell Lewis added and subtracted from the regular cast and finally brought the audience some peace after the traumatic events at the close of series 2.
As Series 3 took the story into 1967, Lewis' clear passion for the world first created by Colin Dexter means he continued to reveal new layers to it. Events resonate away into the character's futures while honouring the past of John Thaw's original interpretation (not least by including daughter Abigail Thaw as the recurring local journalist Dorothea Frazil).
Of particular note have been some excellent scenes with PCS Reg Bright as played by Anton Lesser, who has a mesmeric way with even the simplest of lines.
Praise due too, as ever, to Roger Allam, who has made the troubled DI Fred Thursday as compelling a reason to watch the show as Shaun Evans himself.

'Coda' - the closing episode last night, brought the entire cast together in a gripping story that stretched expectations of what the series and the characters can be.
A 4th series would be my only request.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

2016: To Boldly Go. . . ?

So - it seems we are all living in the future.

A future in which the random madness of Earth's wonky weather systems proves too unpredictable and the TV pundits look further afield.

Space Weather.

Incorrectly spelled Space Weather at that.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Last Crumbs. . .

Here – courtesy of Michael Cumming – are three candid shots from the production period of the 3rd series of 'Toast of London'.
Storyboards on location and a moment between takes for Matt Berry, enjoying a certain book.

Toast - 'Man of Sex' Pt.2

My final concept design for Toastworld was a book jacket for the renowned sailor Frank Forfolk, as seen in the pay-off to a little bit of humorous business at the kitchen table between Ed and Toast.

And here it is, next to their freshly-buttered Toasty soldiers.

Quintessential 'Toast of London' daftness.

Toast Slice 4: Episode 5 – 'Man of Sex' Pt.1

What was left of my work on the very well-received – and arguably best yet – 3rd series of Arthur Mathews' and Matt Berry's 'Toast of London' appeared last night in this the penultimate episode.
The work of long hours for me – and complex challenges on the filming days for Michael Cumming and the crew – passed in seconds on-screen. Twas ever thus.
I boarded a sequence representing a game-changing grittier realism for the show, as Toast is run over by a steamroller driven by his crazed ex-wife Ellen – played alarmingly by Amanda Donohoe.

The results are harrowing for Toast, and presented in a fiercely realistic way that brings home the consequences of violence.