Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Early Bird Catches the Nicholson

My new cover.
Which pleases me.
As with all visual material here, click on it and you get a bigger version. . .

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Watch the birdie

Mysteries and puzzles await. And strange travelling companions, too.
T-wit, t-woo?

The Key word is

My transport awaits. . .

Pages, boxes, windows, doors

Note to self:
One must never feel confined.

bio auto graphic number 25

Indeed, since 2004 and my 'issue zero', I have created 24 other links in this chain of ink and ideas that I called 'bio auto graphic'.
The 25th is nigh.
Lines of communication are open. . .

London Art Book Fair 2014 - Whitechapel Gallery

The new issue of Ensixteen Edition's 'bio auto graphic' work will likely premiere here.
Do check out their website at